SteriPlant® is a 100% natural nontoxic and chemical free disinfectant and sanitizer. In a complex patented process we produce electrolyte, positively charged water.

​99,9% of all pathogen bacteria, virus, molds and fungi get immediately neutralized by contact.  SteriPlant® purifies air, food and water.

​We use drinking to produce pH neutral electrolyte water with a guaranteed pH between 6.8 and 7.2 and a millivolt value between 750 and 950 ORP. Stored and used in HPDE plastic container, we guarantee a shelf life of 1 year.

How SteriPlant® kills virus?

Normal cell –> Virus infect cell and transfer DNA/RNA –> Cell infected by virus and turn to bad cell (Negative cell) –> Bad cell reproduce and virus outbreak –> SteriPlant® works well with all pathogen germs, viruses and bacterias –> Infected cell died and virus cannot survive without host cell.


How to use SteriPlant®

In general, SteriPlant is used as a diluted solution. Depending on the application, we dilute 5 to 50% of SteriPlant to normal clean water WITHOUT losing the effect of de-contamination, disinfection and sanitization.


Application Fields for SteriPlant®

Agriculture, Plantations

Livestock and Animal Farming

Fish Farming and Production

Food Processing, Shelf Live Extension

Healthcare, Hospitality and Education (Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Kindergarten)

Army, Governmental Environment such as Airports etc.

Personal Hygiene

Marine, Vehicles, Buildings

Warehousing & Logistics

Industrial Production

Water Purification.



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