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Nu-Suprême is an eco-friendly multipurpose descaler made from organic acids chosen for their effectiveness in removing heavy limescale deposits. It is a great alternative to using hydrochloric or phosphoric acids.

Technical Sheet


Nu-Descaler is a ready-to-use descaler for occasional use (e.g., surface restoration).


Cleaning Toilet Bowls and Urinals:

Apply Nu-Supreme to the surfaces requiring descaling.

Let stand several seconds if there is heavy buildup.

Using a soft-bristled brush, scrub the surfaces.

Rinse with clean water, then brush.

Repeat if needed.


Cleaning Sinks, Water Fountains, Cutting Tools, Stainless Steel Counters (and other surfaces affected by mineral buildup or verdigris):

Apply Nu-Supreme to the surfaces requiring descaling.

Scrub with a soft towel, scrub pad or brush.

Pay special attention to areas where surfaces meet or deposits have built up.

Rinse surfaces with clean water.

Repeat if needed.

NB: Avoid using Nu-Supreme on marble, calcareous stone surfaces or any other surface that is sensitive to acid.


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