Nu-Odor is very efficient to eliminate odors from decomposing organic matters.

Nu-Odor is used in waste containers, garbage cans, garbage trucks and in any other place where elimination of foul odors is important.

Nu-Odor is ideal to eliminates cigarette, fine damage and all smoke odour, reduces infestation of pests and insects, speeds up degradation of refuse by 17 times, long lasting effect.

Technical Sheet

Where can I use InnuScience Nu-Odor?

Waste compactors

Garbage trucks

General purpose odor control

On surfaces that have been left smelly due to a spill or contamination by fecets or vomit.


What are the benefits?

Immediate coverage of bad odours with safe, non-allergenic fragrance

Attacks and removes source of bad odours over 24 – 48 hours.

PH neutral (7.0). Safe for all surfaces.

Contains no VOC’s.

Safe for people.

Safe for the environment.

Ecologo, Ecolabel certified.


How do I use it?

Based on rubbish/waste volume to be treated:

Less than 1m³: 3-5 sprays/day (50ml/spray)

1m³ – 3m³:5-10 sprays/day (50ml/spray)

3m³ – 6m³:5-10 sprays/day (50ml-100ml/spray)

More than 6m³: Ask your InnuScience Sales Manager

Not to be sprayed in air.


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