Nu-Odor Freshness

Odor Control for organics, including food, pet and smoke odors

Provides immediate non-allergenic bad odour masking plus long term odour control. Contains beneficial micro-organisms to remove source of bad odour. Long-lasting.

Technical Sheet

Where can I use InnuScience Nu-Odor Freshness?

Food and garbage areas

Pet areas

Smoke areas

General purpose odor control


What are the benefits?

Immediate coverage of bad odours with safe, non-allergenic fragrance

Attacks and removes source of bad odours over 24 – 48 hours.

PH neutral (7.0). Safe for all surfaces.

Contains no VOC’s.

Safe for people.

Safe for the environment.

Ecologo, Ecolabel certified.


How do I use it?

Ready to use product.

Use out of bottle or mix 1:1 with water for softer fragrance.

Mix with cold water.

Spray sparingly on surfaces where bad odors are.

Not to be sprayed in air.


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