Nu-Kleen Smell

Concentrated all purpose, surface cleaner with residual odour control action.

Nu-Kleen Smell is a nature powered all surface cleaner for all hard surfaces and replaces many products, making training far easier. It leaves a useful and long lasting bio flora that continues to eliminate urine odours at the source, even after cleaning. It can be used on urinals, toilets, sinks, chrome, glass, mirrors, counters, baths, showers, walls, floors, finished wood etc.

Technical Sheet

Where can I use InnuScience Nu-Kleen Smell?

All bathroom surfaces

Porcelain, tile, stainless steel

Glass and mirrors

Walls, floors

Furniture, including electronics

Plastic, wood, marble


What are the benefits?

Excellent cleaning results on all surfaces

PH neutral (7.0). Will not damage any surface

Contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)

Safe for people and the environment

Ecologo, Ecolabel and Nordic Ecolabel certified


How do I use it?

Super concentrated product

Use cold or warm water (not hot)

Daily clean – mix 4 mL to 1 L water (1:250)

Dirty surfaces – mix 8 mL to 1 L water (1:125)

Spray and wipe, or mop. No rinsing

One liter makes 250 – 300 litres of solution


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